How 3D Printing Can Be Incorporated In the Curriculum

3D technology

3D Printing looks like a fiction plot of real life examples that can be implemented in diverse fields to make things affective. It is playing an interesting role to develop better understanding of theories in students’ mind. This productive use of 3D printing is introduced by most of the 3D printers as one of them launched a 3D academy. This academy offers opportunity for fund investments in public sector educational institutes to provide 3 printing facilities to their students. This is an example of UK according to a dissertation writing services company but with the passage of time there is a rapid development in use of 3D printing for educational purposes. Soon it will be in every school so wait for the next few moments to see a good change in your surrounding regarding teaching standards.

Here, you must have questions that how 3D printing can play a role in schools or any level of education except of some relevant study courses. You will be surprised to know that it is helping students of almost every field of study including natural sciences and arts. It has given an ease to teachers in teaching models of engineering and process of biology, botany, zoology and many other studies. An engineering model of a complex building can be easily printed in 3D printer to teach design, technology and create ability for cognitive approach to learn new things. It is helping teachers to develop hands-on techniques to teach their students more affectively. 3D printing is currently helping in these areas of studies which your institute can also implement the tactic to use 3D printing;

Technology and Designing:

These courses require using 3D printing in their curriculum to prepare students for the need of future job market. Using 3D printing in these areas is the start-up to introduce this technique of teaching in other fields of study. Almost courses of these fields of study are also using much kind of designing and technology. Their teachers are well aware of using 3D technology and can develop new ideas for more effective use of this technique. It is easy and encouraging for students of designing course who are already designing on digital means to have printed their models in 3D model. It is important for technology students who are studying software or hardware of emerging technologies. A 3D printed model of theory or process of a concept can explain things more clearly and urge to ask questions about the taught concept.

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Creating Innovative Ideas and Developing Cognitive Ability:

Use of 3D model printing is not only important for designing and technology students but also for other fields of study. It will help teachers to make students compatible for future technological needs. It can fill the gap of students’ imagination and reality. Most of the school students are day dreamers and thinking for things in dreams. so how amazing it can be for them to learn things as they have been dreaming for. 3D printing provides a model that will not only solve existing learning issues but also enables student to think critical. This is going to work not only for school students but at all levels of studies. There are some institutes in world where 3D printing is used in schools with experimental nature to find the practical intelligence of their students. Using this technology at school level will create more impact on future of education.

It will enable students to ask questions what they do not understand and share their ideas what they have understood. Teachers those have used 3D printing in their classroom, told that they have got plenty of questions from their students and as many ideas as they can think. A simple implementation of 3D printing can be a physics model printed in 3D printing can give clearer picture than a lab experiment. The CEO of PhD dissertation writing services firm said in case of ambiguity it encourages to ask questions and share their understanding with teacher and other classmates. 3D printing provides opportunity to connect day to day experiments and solutions from real life. That is the actual goal of educating today’ generation to serve and survive in future.

Teachers’ Hands-on Techniques:

There is need to think that how teachers need to use 3D model and for this purpose here are a few examples; there is a class of natural sciences where students need to understand the process of cell life. A 3D printed model with start to end steps will tell the story by itself and if someone did not get then he/she would love to get it by themselves. Another example can be of medical students who are learning the structure of human body. So a skeleton of human body in 3D printing will help them to understand every single part of human body that they must know being a doctor in future. This technique is going to cost effective as well as easy and quick to access. 3D printing is a field by itself that can be explored further and its uses in so many other fields and this study is a part of education. With ability to develop cognitive skills it helps students to think about the issues in their surrounding regarding their studies and other and propose the best solutions. This is not an opportunity for students but also for teachers and other members of faculty.

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Investing in this technology by educational institutes will sort of their problem of teaching and infrastructure as cost effectiveness. So investing in obsolete things there is a need to think about investing in such emerging technologies. Availability of 3D printing material in classrooms will enables teachers to develop better understanding of theoretical knowledge in practical terms than any other mean of teaching. Use of 3D model can be start from Montessori sections of schools to the highest education level in Universities. Simple alphabetic or numeric blocks for lower grades school students are going to be as effective as a 3D Skeleton model for medical student. It is matter of developing understanding of concept and emerging technologies.
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