IoT Project Ideas
IoT also called the Internet of Things is the network of physical objects, embedded together via software, sensors and technology with the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other systems and devices through the internet.

Importance of IoT:
IoT is considered as one of the most important technologies of the century. It lets us connect daily use objects and appliances to the internet and make communication possible between people and things. This technology has also reduced human interventions. It is greatly affecting industries like the manufacturing industry, automotive industry, transportation and logistics industry, retail industry, public sector, and healthcare industry. IoT is enabling to monitor machines and quality of a product which creates new efficiencies in the manufacturing industry, helps to improve the tracking of physical assets, helps in monitoring environmental conditions and human health, brings efficiencies in existing processes, and enables businesses to bring change in processes.

Ideas for Computer Students to Work on IoT Projects:
IoT is the new and emerging field that attracts computer science students to do IoT related projects for bringing innovation. Here is the list of different ideas by experts of assignment writing services for starting projects in IoT.

Daily Activities Related Projects:
  • E-wallet based on IoT which connects your wallet to the mobile phone for tracing it when it is out of range.
  • Voice message alarm clock based on IoT.
  • Designing a device based on IoT for controlling the usage of water in houses.
  • Facial recognition door based on IoT.
  • Connecting electric sockets to phones based on IoT.
  • Connecting coffee maker to smart phone based on IoT for setting timer and calculating calories.
  • Device based on IoT for locating area or person.
  • Device based on IoT for controlling the intake of drinking water.
  • A shopping system based on IoT for having a secure shopping experience by having access to all e-marts and stores at one platform.
  • A device based on IoT for calculating time and showing directions for exit in emergency situations like fire
  • Controlling the speed of the fan with a smart phone from anywhere.
  • Connecting water tanks with smart phones based on IoT for monitoring level of water.
  • Connecting LED light lamps with smart phones for controlling the light intensity and color of light.
  • A device based on IoT for monitoring the amount of pollution or particles like lead, carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide in air.
  • A device based on IoT for automatically drawing points on canvas for drawing a picture.
  • Connecting home appliances with smart phone for controlling
  • A device based on IoT for detecting the gas leakage and automatically reporting to emergency centers.
  • Connecting street lights to IoT based systems so that they turn off when there is no one in the street and turned on when anyone steps in the street.
  • A device based on IoT for predicting floods, monitoring and tracking natural factors and sending alerts to emergency centers.
  • An IoT based helmet for mine workers for detecting the conditions of environment for labors safety and automatically indicating the location of labor in case of an accident.
  • Connecting smart phone with home for monitoring the home when you are not at home. This system will automatically generate alerts in case of any unusual movement.
  • A device for giving voice reminders for different tasks and works
  • Connecting smartphone with electric motor for turning it off or on from anywhere.
  • Designing a device for, reading electricity and gas meters.

Automobile Projects:
  • Designing a vehicle based on IoT for monitoring the underwater status of seas, rivers and oceans.
  • Monitoring of useful life of a jet engine based on IoT.
  • Connecting the car with a smartphone for controlling.
  • A system based on IoT for indicating the parking space on your cell phone.

Healthcare Projects:
  • A healthcare system based on IoT for developing gateways having secure and efficient systems to authenticate and authorize.
  • A health Glove based on IoT for monitoring body vitals and storing it on the server.
  • Bio-signals monitoring based on IoT.
  • Personal Healthcare devices based on IoT enabling a person to monitor his health and get feedback.

Agriculture Projects:
  • A system based on IoT for monitoring the health status and environmental parameters for a plant.
  • A device based on IoT for tracing the vegetables and fruits and keeping their record.
  • A device based on IoT for detecting the quantity of moisture in a soil.
  • A smart agriculture system for monitoring agriculture activities and processes and reporting weather conditions.