5 Things You Must Avoid When Writing Academic Essay

Writing Academic Essay
The academic essay is the composition and result of a conscious effort to produce a balanced, united and coherent piece of work. To write an essay is to put into words one’s ideas and reflection on a given subject or topic. Writing an academic essay requires mental disciplines and training to arrange all the thoughts uniquely. It does not matter which type of academic essay you are writing but your writing method matters. Your essay may be expositive, descriptive, narrative, imaginative, narrative or persuasive; avoid common mistakes that often students make. Let’s discuss 5 things given by an essay writing service that you must avoid when it comes to writing an academic essay.

1. Negation Of Critical Points:
Order, unity, brevity and criticize are the critical points that often students don’t keep in mind when it comes to writing an essay. Students neglect that each paragraph contains the main idea. Indeed, they broke their flow of writing. Having paragraph and sub-paragraph keeps maintaining and inter-lined to your essay. Often students don’t care that they are not depicting several sub-ordinate ideas into their essays. The style of the essay is criticized b the clarity of the variety in the express and by the use of pain, direct and forceful language. Often students neglect their tone and don’t criticize the basic points in their essays. Don’t reluctant and hesitate to conduct a critical point of view. Indeed, highlighting the dark aspects of society with brevity.

2. Don’t Plagiarize:
Plagiarize means copy another work, ideas and thoughts. Plagiarism means an intellectually dishonest and high unprofessional act that can reduce the students' grades. For example, in a hurry to meet the deadline, you have included the already work. Plagiarism means you have theft the ideas and thoughts of other students. To get excellent grades, include your original ideas and save yourself from embarrassment in the class. Whether you are copying the work form internet, highlight or bold it to give the resource. If you will not introduce the appropriate source then you will be considered theft.

3. Source Not Cited Or Referred:
Frequently students include some points but they don’t reference the irrelevant source. Try to become a ghostwriter and turn another’s work into your essay. The writer borrows previous work, violating the policies concerning the expectation of originally adopted by most academic institutes. Make sure to fashioning a valid set of ideas into a logical argument by following writing guide. If you will structure your essay logically then you will able to attend the reader’s attention. Often student includes a weak statement in the essay, therefore, you should avoid this bad habit in writing an academic essay. Always use the resources that are accurate and credible.

4. Unnecessarily Complex Sentence Structure:
Using the needless complex structure is the common mistake that you should avoid in essay writing. Complex sentences are difficult to read and they don’t present a clear explanation to the readers. Be honest and simple in essay writing. Always express your ideas logically and simply. Furthermore, avoid the use of passive voice sentences in your essay. Passive voice sentences are also difficult to read and don’t convey direct meanings to the readers. Don’t forget that academic writing requires some rules that you have to follow at any cost; otherwise, you will lose your grades. Don’t try to trump up vocabulary. If you will target to the unknown words then you will reduce your grades.

5. Lack Of Evidence To Support The Thesis Statement:
Research means collecting valid and authentic material for your essay. Often students select a good topic but don’t write proper material in the essay. Make sure to support all the points clearly and logically. Otherwise, your numbers will be decreased. Evaluate all the points concisely and introduce brainstorm ideas into your essay. Although these are no prescribed rule related to the essay length, yet, it should be enough to understand the basic points. If students are limited to word count then they should follow these rules. In general, the nature of the topic and treatment give some ideas on the length.

Steps To Essay Writing And Checklist
  • Critical think over the topic and jot down the essential points
  • Organize the points in basic segments. Give each segment a suitable heading and provide enough details
  • Sequence the segmented in a logical order, in the form of an outline
  • Develop the points into different paragraphs without giving subheading
  • Write the introduction which is usually in one paragraph
  • Write the body expending each point into paragraphs
  • Conduct the conclusion effectively and coherently
  • After writing your academic essay, check grammatical mistakes
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