It might seem surprising to you but knife crime has been on the rise and it has given rise to many speculations about it. The discussions on knife crime are not only limited to the news and common man but they have also made their way to the academic circles. As these crimes are being committed on daily basis and people from all walks of life are affected by it or scared if it might happen to them, they have become the center of discussions and teachers are asking students to write dissertations and papers, exploring the reasons behind them and how they can be addressed most efficiently.

Knife crime has become a problem in many parts of the world but it seems that UK is the place most affected by this. It is unbelievable but almost nine in every ten crimes involve a knife or a sharp instrument in England and Wales and these cases involved robberies or violent assaults. Not only this, bus rape, attempted murder, sexual assault and homicide accounted for a small portion of offences that also involved a knife or other sharp instrument. It affects every gender, race and religion and it would be wrong to say that no one is safe from the knife crimes in UK which seem to be increasing with every passing day.

Knife crime as a potential dissertation topic 

Writing a dissertation on crime knife makes a great topic because these crimes have increased to such as extent that everybody in every circle is discussing them. From teachers to students and their families, at least one of them has been through this accident and people as well as police have been trying to come up with answers to know why these crimes are being committed and how they are affecting the lives of normal people. 

Knife crime is complex in itself as it symbolizes lack of social control within the societies. It seems to be an unsolvable issue and as there is no connection between adults and teenagers but it also involves young people and has been shattering lives for so many people. It would not be wrong to say that knife crime has become something that can end lives for so many families at once. 

It is also important to know that knife crime is complicated because there is no clear definition of what is going around and why. The term crime knife was adopted by the media and it became so popular; in the beginning it was used to refer mainly to the stabbings but it also encompassed the illegal carrying of knives by young people. Thus, as there is no clear definition, this term has been used to define various acts of stabbings, carrying knives and committing murders with knives or other sharp objects. All this makes knife crime as a very interesting and highly fascinating dissertation topic for many. 

How to work on a knife crime dissertation topic

If you are a student of criminology and want to surprise your teacher with a fascinating and highly motivating topic or you are just studying current affairs and want to explore a dissertation topic that would surely help you enjoy good grades, thinking about a knife crime dissertation is a great idea. It will not only help you explore the subject in detail as there have been too many speculations and theories but there is a lot of data available particularly about the people who have been stabbed. 

You need to understand that you will find a lot of statistical data too related to the knife crime in all parts of the UK; while some areas have too many accidents to reports, other just have a few incidents to report but it does not take away the seriousness of the matter and you can explore this topic and come up with a top quality and highly interesting essay. 

When conducting research and writing a dissertation on knife crime, you can analyze and evaluate all the information that you have collected from various resources such as witnesses account, the police report as well as the victims and come up with your own ideas on how this crime can be prevented and what measures can be taken to increase safety. 

When considering writing a dissertation, you need to come up with unique knife crime dissertation ideas that not only impress your teachers but the readers too. Make sure that you conduct thorough research on the topic and use the facts in the most intriguing manner to keep the readers engaged.