A disease in which cancer cells are found in the tissues of the pancreas is known as pancreatic cancer. According to health associations, smoking is the main cause of pancreatic cancer. Weight loss and jaundice are some common symptoms of pancreatic cancer. In the early stage, it is difficult for us to detect pancreatic cancer and when it is at its last stage, it is almost impossible for us to diagnose it. Moreover, the treatment of pancreatic cancer can also last some long-lasting health problems. To write an assignment about the causes of pancreatic cancer, you can get help from assignment writing services. The causes that make pancreatic cancer life-threatening are explained below;

1) Loss of appetite
Due to pancreatic cancer, the desire of a person to eat something is reduced. This is known as loss of appetite or poor appetite. In the medical term, loss of appetite is known as anorexia. The major effects of anorexia are anorexia nervosa, anxiety, depression, heartburn, hypothyroidism, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), alcoholism, gastritis and acute pancreatitis etc. Therefore, we can say that loss of appetite which is created by pancreatic cancer is life-threatening for a patient.

2) Unintentional weight loss
Nowadays, most of the people try to lose their weight by taking physical exercise and by controlling their diet. If the weight of a person is decreasing without his try to lose weight, this is known as unintentional weight loss. Mostly, the main cause of unintentional weight loss is pancreatic cancer. Due to unintentional weight loss, a person can face some problems like muscle loss, overactive thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, depression, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pain, and tuberculosis etc. As a result, a person often feels fatigue, pain and fever. Moreover, the colour of his skin is also changed. Therefore, unintentional weight loss is also life-threatening for a pancreatic cancer patient.

3) Blood clots
A clump of blood that is changed from liquid to a gel-like state is known as a blood clot. If a person is a patient of pancreatic cancer, there create some blood clots in his blood. These blood clots don’t dissolve in the blood and they stick in the blood veins. As a result, the transport of the blood in the veins is disturbed. This situation can be dangerous even life-threatening for a patient. The blood clots that are found in the legs and arms of a person can become a cause of swelling, pain and tenderness.

4) Jaundice
Pancreatic cancer can also become a cause of jaundice for a patient. Jaundice is an alarming situation in which the colour of skin and eyes of a patient is changed. The yellowish skin of a patient can also become a cause of various diseases like hepatitis, thalassemia, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis E, hepatitis A, and gallstones etc.

Along with these diseases, a patient of pancreatic cancer can also face abdominal or lower back pain and depression. All of these diseases are life-threatening for a pancreatic cancer patient. There are four possible stages of pancreatic cancer and we should try to start its treatment in the early stage.