There are many websites available on the internet that helps one to find to find the research ideas and planning techniques for the doctoral thesis project. Moreover, these online sources not just help in finding the research question or idea but also gives further support to your research and helps in testing and analysing your data set. 
There are many journals also that are available on the online sources that helps in finding the credible tools for the research. Moreover, there are such sources online that are specially designed for finding out the kinds of sources that you need. Some of such important sources are mentioned below:



3. Google Scholar

4. Microsoft Academic Search

5. Google Books

6. Google

7. Bing

8. Sweet Search

9. Ipl2

10. PubMed

11. GoPubMed

12. Medline Plus

13. JURN

14. NBER

15. National Criminal Justice Reference service

16. OAlster

17. Refseek

18. PhilPapers


20. Scirus

21. DOAJ

22. US Census Bureau

23. CIA World Factbook

These sources have the relevant information and material that one needs to find a research idea for the doctoral thesis. It is very significant to firstly ask your librarian, consult digital media specialist or most important your teacher as they may point you towards the best useful sources. There are opportunities that they can guide more efficiently about the content available regarding the particular topic more than you do.

Secondly, the academic journals are a great source for finding the cutting edge for your research topic. Most of the schools, colleges and universities provides subscription to its own database of academic journals. Some of the most used data bases are JSTOR and EBSCOT Host. So, it is important to know about your own subscribed database by your university. Another way is the google scholar that works a lot in finding the academic journals, thesis and patents. Google scholar also provides information on how many times the journal has been cited that shows how influential the content was and suggests you more related articles as well.

Online source google also provides an opportunity to find google books that gives credible knowledge about a source. Here, you can find related books to the relevant topic, where you can find preview of the books. Furthermore, there are variant websites too as some experts publish credible informative material on the internet that can be used. It is found that multiple purpose online sources and research engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are not necessary to provide online shopping facility, comparing restaurants, and searching for flights but they give best results for academic writings as well.