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A survey conducted by Nightline Association in 2013 reported that almost 65% of students are under stress of their studies. And the reason behind most of the students’ study stress is the burden of assignments. This is a burden because they have to do so many assignments within the shortest period of time. Although, the purpose behind assigning these assignments is not to stressing the students but the reason is to enrich them with knowledge and skills. But unfortunately, it is not working in this way and becoming a reason of stress.

Students are doing jobs at the same time when they are in university or at graduate level. So the burden of assignment and stress about future that what will they do next becomes a nightmare. That’s why almost every moment of a student life is of worrying. There is a tough competition not only in academia to get good marks but also in the market to get job. And a student thinks about his future. But a stress to complete so many assignments at the same time prevents him to think more and concentrate on future goals. This is the reason why they are stressed in their holidays and trying to manage this all can lead to ‘burnout’ where loss of time of pleasure makes nothing left to give.

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